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Disability Resources

title announcement on cata busFacilities & Fleet

CATA buses and facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities. Most fixed-route buses have a low-floor design to make boarding easier. Fixed-route buses are equipped with an audio system that announces major destinations and transfer points to assist visually impaired passengers and others.  


Travel Training

Need assistance in learning how to ride with CATA? The Disability Network Capital Area offers travel training. Call DNCAP at 517-999-2760 or TDD/TYY Relay: 7-1-1.

Take a Virtual Tour of these Able Eyes Accessible CATA Facilities and Buses

How do customers express service concerns or complaints?

CATA is advised on issues important to persons with disabilities by a Local Advisory Council. Meetings are held bi-monthly. The public is welcome to attend. For meeting times and dates, please call our main office at 517-394-1100.

Complete the online ADA Complaint Form for ADA related complaints, suggestions or compliments.

Download the ADA Complaint Procedure and Comment Form. 

Reasonable Modification

The Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA) provides fixed-route and ADA complementary paratransit service throughout the Lansing Tri-County region. All CATA services are ADA accessible and serve seniors and people with disabilities.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 requires that Spec-Tran be operated in a manner comparable to fixed-route. Both fixed-route and Spec-Tran operate under many of the same policies and procedures, including those pertaining to reasonable service modifications. View CATA's Reasonable Modification Policy or submit a request.

Large Print Schedules

Large print versions of all CATA schedules are available for the visually impaired. Call CATA Customer Service at 517-394-1000 to obtain large print schedules.

Bus Hailing Kits

CATA's bus hailing kits are designed for use at bus stops served by more than one route. The kits allow visually-impaired riders to signal the number of their route to operators of approaching buses.

The kit consists of twenty-five, 3.5"x 4" double-sided cards with a route number printed on each side. The route number is displayed on the card in large, blue numbers and a corresponding route number Braille tag is attached to each.

Each set is held together with a lightweight chain to allow customer to remove individual cards pertaining to routes they use. The cards are numbered 1-49 which includes all fixed routes as well as additional numbers for possible future use.

Kits are offered on a free, checkout basis at the following agencies:

  • ​CATA Administrative Office, 4615 Tranter St. in Lansing.
  • CATA Transportation Center, 420 S. Grand Ave. in downtown Lansing.
  • Disability Network Capital Area (DNCAP), 901 E. Mt. Hope Ave., Lansing, MI 48910.
  • Michigan Commission for the Blind, 201 N. Washington in Lansing.
  • MSU Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities, 120 Bessey Hall on the MSU campus.

Michigan Relay Center Voice TDD

Michigan Relay Center Voice TDD 7-1-1.

Service Animals

Service animals such as guide dogs are welcome on any CATA service.

Audio Files Online

Use the links below to access MP3 files of CATA's route description/turn-by-turn directions for the routes listed. Please be patient as these files are fairly large audio files and may take several minutes to download. 

Reasonable Modification Request