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CATA Designated “Safe Place”

Thursday, June 29, 2023

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In an effort to improve community safety, CATA has applied to the National Safe Place program and will certify all of its buses and facilities as safe places for youths and individuals who are in potentially dangerous situations. Through partnerships with local organizations, CATA is taking a proactive approach to ensure the well-being and security of vulnerable members of the community.

The National Safe Place program, a widely recognized initiative implemented across the United States, strives to provide immediate assistance and support to individuals facing difficult circumstances, such as homelessness, abuse or exploitation.

Under the program, all CATA bSafe Place yellow sign logouses will display prominent Safe Place signs, recognizable symbols that serve as a beacon of hope for young individuals seeking help. Youth and individuals facing crisis situations can board any CATA bus displaying these signs, knowing they are stepping into a safe and supportive environment. Bus drivers and transit personnel will work with the person to provide them with resources including a 24 hour texting service with certified, masters-level therapists as well as CATA’s Street Supervisor team to ensure they get to a safe destination. The Authority is actively extending its commitment beyond transportation, prioritizing the safety and welfare of those in need.

The adoption of the National Safe Place program aligns with Lansing’s collective effort to foster a caring and inclusive community. By incorporating the program into its operations, CATA is actively creating an environment where young individuals and those facing crisis can seek assistance. This initiative not only aims to address immediate needs but also helps individuals access necessary resources.

CATA expects to implement the National Safe Place program in the near future as part of its ongoing efforts to improve community safety and support vulnerable individuals.

This content has been published in the 2023 Community Report.


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