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During most holidays, CATA's regular services do not operate and facilities are closed. On select holidays, limited service may be offered. Stay informed about service changes by subscribing to Rider Alerts.

Limited Service

CATA is resuming a pilot program that offers limited service on select holidays in order to better serve the community. The program offers curb-to-curb rides on:

  • Easter Sunday
    • Reservation window: April 6, 2025 at 8 a.m. - April 16, 2025 at 5 p.m.
  • Independence Day
    • Reservation window: June 21, 2024 at 8 a.m. - July 1, 2024 at 5 p.m.
  • Thanksgiving Day 
    • Reservation window: November 15, 2024 at 8 a.m. - November 25, 2024 at 5 p.m.
  • Christmas Day
    • Reservation window: December 10, 2024 at 8 a.m. - December 20, 2024 at 5 p.m.

Reserving a Ride

To schedule a ride, call a CATA representative at 517-394-2282.

You may schedule a ride up to 10 days in advance of the trip. 

The Spec-Tran office will remain open the day of the holiday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to schedule rides that are to occur on or after the following day.

This service is not available on a same-day basis. Please let us know if you will be accompanied by a personal assistant or guest. Your personal assistant rides for free, and your guests will pay $2.50 per person per one-way trip.

Due to capacity restrictions, it is important to let us know if personal assistants, guests or children will be accompanying you at the time you make your reservation.

Service Hours

Demand-response, curb-to-curb services will be available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the day of the holiday.

Service Area

Easter Sunday service is available throughout Lansing and East Lansing, and in Delhi, Delta, Lansing and Meridian townships. The service-area boundaries are outlined on this map. Ride reservations will be limited to the service area. No exceptions will be permitted.

spec-tran service area map

Paying for your Ride

Fare is $2.50 for each one-way trip.

You can pay for your fare with:

  • Cash (you must have the exact fare; drivers cannot make change)
  • Pre-paid Spec-Tran punch cards
  • Blue Spec-Tran tokens

For more information on fares, discounts and buying punch cards online, visit our fares information page. Fares can be purchased online, by phone or in person at any of the following locations:

  • Downtown CATA Transportation Center: 420 S. Grand Ave, Lansing, MI 48933
    • Open weekdays 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.; weekends 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Capital Area Multi-modal Gateway: 1240 S. Harrison Road, East Lansing, MI 48823
    • Open daily 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
  • CATA Administrative Offices: 4615 Tranter Street, Lansing, MI 48910
    • Open weekdays 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Canceling a Ride

To cancel your ride, call CATA’s cancellation line at 517-394-2282.

Cancellations must be made at least 90 minutes before the scheduled pickup time so that drivers’ schedules can be adjusted. Rides that are canceled within less than 90 minutes advance-cancellation requirements will be marked as no-shows.

Wheelchairs and Other Mobility Devices

Customers may bring aboard mobility devices such as canes, walkers, wheelchairs, etc. CATA will transport any mobility device as long as the combined weight is within the allowable limitation, dimensions and design load of the vehicle.

As a courtesy to other passengers in the vehicle, customers are asked to limit packages to as many as they and/or their personal care assistant or companion within a single boarding.

Holiday Closures

CATA's facilities and operations - Fixed-Route service, Spec-Tran, Rural Service, Connector, Redi-Ride, Shopping Bus, Night Owl and Lot Link - are typically closed on the following holidays, unless noted as limited service: 

  • New Year's Day
  • Easter Sunday (Limited Service)
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day (Limited Service)
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day (Limited Service)
  • Christmas Day (Limited Service)

View our events page for specific dates