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Project #Project NamePosted OnDue DateCategoryBid Status
RFP 2022-125 Operations Uniform Supplier January 18th, 2022 February 3rd, 2022 Operations Active
RFP 2022-123 ADA Low-Floor Full-Size Vans Equipped with Side-Entry Manual ADA Ramp January 10th, 2022 February 7th, 2022 Maintenance Active
RFP 2021-122 Real Time Prediction and Analysis November 23rd, 2021 December 15th, 2021 Information Technology Active
75820015 Roofing Replacements November 12th, 2021 December 7th, 2021 Facilities Active
RFP 2021-119 Insurance Brokerage and Consulting Services October 13th, 2021 November 3rd, 2021 Finance Active

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