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Welcome to the CATA AmBUSsador Program!

We understand that public transportation can be overwhelming for new riders, and we want to help ease any concerns. AmBUSsadors are volunteers who will help guide Lansing School District students on riding the bus to and from school. Volunteers will be located at CATA's downtown CTC, on the buses, or at one of Lansing's three public high schools. In order to ensure a smooth ride for all students, we need YOUR help. Volunteer to be an AmBUSsador by filling out the form below. 

About The Program

The AmBUSsador Program will operate throughout the school year to assist high school students riding Routes 5, 11, 12 and 13 – routes that serve the district’s three high schools.  

CATA’s goal is to provide information and resources to student riders and families to help them understand our system and rules so that they can successfully ride CATA. As such, CATA invites parents, district residents/neighbors and community members to volunteer to serve as AmBUSsadors – responsible and reliable adults who have the time, ability and willingness to serve as volunteer ride guides for the Lansing School District’s high school students. Their primary role is to train students on the ins and outs of riding CATA to and from school. They’ll show students how to read route maps and schedules, use next-bus departure technology, use the bike rack and more. However, AmBUSsadors are not safety, security or resource officers, nor are they CATA employees.

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