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Use Bike Racks & Lockers

CATA's Bike Rack Policy

  • There is no charge to transport your bike. No special permit or advance reservation is required.
  • For safety reasons, the operator will not leave the bus to assist you with loading or unloading of bicycles.
  • Bicycle racks can carry up to three bikes at a time and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If the bike rack is full, you will have to wait for the next bus with available space on the bike rack.
  • Recumbent bikes, tandem bikes and three-wheeled bikes are not allowed because they do not fit safely into the racks.
  • Motorized bikes with gasoline tanks are prohibited.
  • CATA assumes no liability for injuries or damages incurred to bikes, personal property or persons while using the racks or riding the bus.

Bike Racks

bike rack on cata busLoading Your Bike

Please remove pumps, water bottles and locks which are being stored on your bike while you wait for the bus. This will allow for faster boardings.

  1. Once the bus stops, give a signal to your bus operator to let them know you intend to load your bicycle on the rack.
  2. If the bike rack is in the up position (folded against the bus), squeeze the handle and pull the rack toward you into the down position.
  3. Each rack can carry up to three bikes. If no other bike is on the rack, load your bike in the position closest to the bus. Face your bicycle so that the front tire is facing the locking arm. (The rack is labeled for your convenience.)
  4. With your bike’s wheels in the wheel wells, pull the locking handle out and over your front bike tire as close to the bike frame as possible. Make sure it is placed on your tire.

Unloading Your Bike

Exit the bus through the front door and tell the operator that you'll be removing your bicycle.

  1. To release your bike, simply pull up on the support arm and push down to the side.
  2. Lift your bike from the rack.
  3. If the rack is empty please fold the rack against the bus by squeezing the release handle and raising the rack until it locks into place.
  4. Move back to the curb and let the bus pull away before getting on your bike.

Bikes on Buses brought to you by Tri-County Bicycle Association, League of Michigan Bicyclists and CATA.

Bike Locker Rentals

For the convenience of multimodal commuters, CATA offers secured bike lockers for rent at the CATA Transportation Center, 420 S. Grand Avenue, in downtown Lansing.  Lockers are located in an outdoor unit (on the northeast side of the CTC) with accommodations for four bicycles.

To rent a locker, email info@cata.org, contact CATA’s Customer Service at the information booth in the CTC, or call (517) 394-1000 on weekdays 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the weekends. Renters must provide a valid picture ID and permanent mailing address. Locker use is restricted to storing a bicycle or bicycle equipment only. No motorized bikes with gasoline tanks are allowed. Renters will be charged the following:

  • $10 monthly fee (non-refundable)
  • $30 deposit (refundable at the end of the lease with the return of the key)

Bike lockers made available through partnerships with the Michigan Department of Transportation, Tri-County Regional Planning Commission, Tri-County Bicycle Association and the League of Michigan Bicyclists.