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A Word from our CEO

Thursday, June 27, 2024

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Portrait photo of CATA CEO Bradley T. Funkhouser.

Dear Capital Region Resident:

As we reach the midpoint of another year filled with promise and progress, I'm thrilled to pause and reflect on the significant milestones we’ve attained in fiscal 2024. Our dedication to CATA's strategic goals remains unwavering: regional mobility, customer experience excellence, organizational strength, community partnership and dynamic workplace. These priorities continue to guide our efforts as we strive to meet the mobility needs of our region and beyond.

In recognition of our commitment to regional transit coordination, CATA was awarded $1.66 million from the Michigan Department of Transportation. This funding will support the Enhance Lansing Equity via Creative Transit Solutions project, to advance regional transit in an equitable manner. We're honored to partner with MDOT to ensure accessible and inclusive public transportation for all.

Our upcoming microtransit pilot program, alongside recent regional initiatives such as the Route 3 extension and the launch of EATRAN’s two Connectors in Eaton County, reflects our dedication to improving transit connectivity, increasing ridership, and reducing single-occupancy vehicle travel and associated air pollution. We're committed to staying at the forefront of progress, strengthening transportation options and enriching quality of life through innovative technologies and a shared vision with our transit partners, community leaders, business owners, stakeholders and, of course, our riders.

I'm excited about the future. Lansing Mayor Andy Schor's proposal to build a new home for municipal government adjacent to the CATA Transportation Center in downtown Lansing offers an extraordinary opportunity for CATA to help develop a regional transit-oriented, mixed-use facility. This facility could address our administrative space constraints and potentially accommodate other regional offices and their employees downtown. There is also an opportunity to foster collaboration and efficiency by bringing much-needed public services to the heart of Lansing.

Transit plays a key role in regional economic development, making our region an attractive place to live, work and start a business. CATA serves as a lifeline for many and a valuable resource for all. This new project represents a significant step forward in our ongoing efforts to improve access to CATA services and enhance public transportation infrastructure. We’re committed to working with the city and other agencies to provide robust, high-quality transit services that meet the diverse needs of our community.

Join us in celebrating our achievements and vision for the future. Within the pages of CATA's 2024 Community Report, you'll find stories that highlight the Authority’s pledge to deliver the highest standard of service to our community. We're here to serve you, and reaffirm our commitment to delivering exceptional public transportation services, now and in years to come.


Bradley T. Funkhouser

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This content has been published in the 2024 Community Report.  

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