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A Word From Our CEO

Friday, June 30, 2023

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Dear Capital Region Resident:

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the remarkable achievements we have accomplished so far in 2023. Our commitment to CATA's strategic goals – regional mobility, customer experience excellence, organizational strength, community partnership and a dynamic workplace – remain at the forefront of everything we do. As we work to achieve our mission to meet the mobility needs of the region, I'm enthusiastic about the innovative solutions and partnerships we've employed to ensure a promising future for public transportation. 

In 2019, CATA's executive leadership defined regional mobility as one of five strategic priorities. Improved connectivity between our counties and regional population centers facilitates seamless, single-fare, cross-boundary trips for the convenience of riders across the tri-county region. 

I started my tenure at CATA as Deputy CEO in October 2016. I was appointed CATA's Chief Executive Officer in January 2018, followed by my simultaneous appointment in October 2022 as Executive Director at Eaton County Transportation Authority. It has been a privilege to share a common vision for regional mobility with our transit partners, community leaders, business owners, stakeholders and, of course, our riders. The introduction of the Route 3 extension into Delta Township in early May and a new interlocal agreement with Clinton Area Transit System demonstrate our unwavering commitment to our vision.

Our core values also include a commitment to sustainable solutions as stewards of the community we serve, the planet and its finite resources. To that end – and to achieve its goal for improved organizational strength – CATA pledged to adopt sustainable business practices and operations. We immediately identified a sustainability champion and converted our three facilities to 100 percent renewable energy sources. In April 2022, our Board of Directors took bold action and approvedBrad walking and showing people the new route in front of a CATA bus a directive to transition to a zero-emission fleet by 2035 – an effort to decarbonize CATA operations and drive the Capital City region and Michigan toward a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable solutions, which earned CATA gold-level status in the American Public Transportation Association's Sustainability Commitment Program. We are humbled by this honor and look forward to continuing to advance sustainability principles throughout our organization.

We are pleased to present CATA's 2023 Community Report in digital format. The stories inside the pages of this report showcase the Authority's pledge to deliver on our promise to provide the highest standard of service to our community. We will continue to listen, learn and adapt that we exceed your expectations for exceptional public transportation services. 


Bradley T. Funkhouser

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This content has been published in the 2023 Community Report.

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Electrifying CATA’s Fleet

Thursday, June 29, 2023

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A Nova electric CATA busNearly a half-century ago, CATA launched a bold experiment to bring electric-powered buses to the streets of Lansing. The program was a spectacular failure because electric vehicle (EV) technology just wasn’t ready to support the demands of daily public transportation. CATA has come a long way since those early electric adventures and is now poised to take a giant leap forward by bringing the latest generation of EVs to its passenger fleet. Adopting EV technology will result in significant benefits to the community and planet by reducing CATA’s use of fossil fuels, lowering greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality.

With the help of a $3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation and matching funds from the Michigan Department of Transportation, CATA aims to have its first EV buses in service by next year or early in 2025.

Twelve years from now, there’s little doubt that CATA’s fleet will be fully electric. Charting the path from here to there is a key focus of CATA’s efforts to modernize operations and attain the goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2035.

This content has been published in the 2023 Community Report.

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Teaching Awareness And Providing Tools For Emergency Response

Thursday, June 29, 2023

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CATA continues to equip its employees with additional safety training to ensure the protection of operators, riders and the public.

People boarding a CATA bus

The Active Violence Emergency Response Training (AVERT) offered by the national Health & Safety Institute is a program focused on teaching proactive awareness, and how to react and protect oneself and others in the event of an active-violence situation. It also includes CPR, choking response and AED training certification.

Taught by certified instructors, the goal of this training is to ensure that all employees have the awareness and tools they need to keep themselves and customers safe in an emergency. No matter their role, CATA staff — operators, mechanics and administrative employees — will be able to use this training to recognize when an emergency is occurring and how to safely respond to the situation. Over 80 percent of CATA employees have already been trained. The remainder of the workforce should complete the mandatory course by the end of summer 2023.

AVERT Tac Pacs are aboard every CATA bus and at CATA facilities in addition to standard first-aid kits. A Tac Pac contains specialized first aid equipment to help stop bleeding associated with severe injuries.

As CATA continues to evaluate opportunities to protect the community and employees, the AVERT program offers another tool in CATA’s toolbox for providing emergency response.

This content has been published in the 2023 Community Report.

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