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Continuing More Than Five Decades Of Technology Upgrades In 2023

Thursday, June 29, 2023

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Since its founding in 1972, CATA has prioritized technology as a solution to improve customer experience and safety. Always, the emphasis is on ease of use, reliability and accessibility.

Upcoming PrA lineup of new CATA Nova busesojects

MyRideCATA app expansion to include Redi-Ride ridership – Fall 2023

CATA is upgrading the MyRideCATA app to now include Redi-Ride ridership and in the future, all paratransit services. Users will now be able to use the app to get transportation to a fixed bus route or anywhere within the area within Meridian Township, Delta Township and Mason.

Radio network upgrades to join the Michigan Public Safety Communications System – 2023

Joining a handful of other bus authorities around Michigan, CATA will be upgrading their bus radio network and joining the Michigan Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS) radio network. This upgrade will enable better communication with first responders, and a wider area of operation as the MPSCS radio network covers all of Michigan.

Contactless payment options to add “tap and go” functionality – Fall 2024

Last summer, CATA began the process of upgrading all fareboxes across the fleet. With that transition complete, CATA is focused on the contactless payment prototyping phase, integrating ‘tap and go’ functionality which is similar to a ‘tap’ credit card feature. Once implemented, CATA ride cards will be more readily available for purchase through major retailers, vending machines and a new app on riders’ phones.

Cameras on all buses and vehicles – Winter 2024

To best protect riders and operators, CATA is in the process of adding cameras to all buses and vehicles. Right now, only TransDev vehicles that are used for paratransit services have cameras aboard. This customer and operator safety initiative runs on the idea that people are less likely to engage in dangerous activity with cameras recording, ensuring a safer ride for all.

These technology enhancements will continue to move CATA in the right direction to improve the overall experience for all CATA riders and operators.

This content has been published in the 2023 Community Report.

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