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Employer Partners

CATA’s Clean Commute Options Program is proud to have the support of many employer partners from around the Greater Lansing Region. By becoming a Clean Commute business partner, these companies have demonstrated a commitment to the communities they serve and their employees. They are dedicated to improving the commutes of their employees, providing incentive programs and greening Mid-Michigan!  

A company is a good fit for this partnership if:

  • They’re interested in expanding their sustainability initiatives,
  • Growing their employee programs,
  • And/or improving the air quality and health of Mid-Michigan.

To learn more about becoming a Clean Commute Employer Partner, or to sign up for a transportation fair today, please contact our office at 517-394-1100 or email cleancommute@cata.org. Thank you for contributing to a cleaner commute and a cleaner community, because it all adds up to cleaner air!

Employer Partners