Emergency Ride Home

Emergency Ride Home

CATA’s Emergency Ride Home (ERH) Program gives you the confidence that you can commit to an alternative commute and still get home in an emergency. Think of it as “commuter insurance”.

As a participant in the program, you will receive two vouchers every six months. Each voucher entitles you to one free, 24-hour rental from Enterprise Rent-A-Car OR reimbursement up to $60 for taxi/public transit fare. If someone is sick, you have a family emergency, you work unplanned overtime or your ride leaves without you, ERH is your back-up plan.

Program Eligibility

  1. Be a registered member with CATA's Clean Commute Options Program. Regsiter online
  2. Use a clean commute alternative at least 3 days/week. Currently ERH is available for carpoolers, vanpoolers, bicycle commuters who travel in from outside CATA's fixed route system, and riders who use CATA's Limited Service (routes 46 and 48). 

If you meet both of the above requirements then you are eligible to participate in the program.

Download the Emergency Ride Home application (PDF) to register for ERH service now! 

The application can be returned in three ways:

  • Via email to cleancommute@cata.org
  • Via fax to 517-394-3733
  • Via mail to: CATA Clean Commute Options, 4615 Tranter Street, Lansing, MI 48910


When Can I Use My Emergency Ride Home?

  • Personal or family emergencies
  • Personal or family illness
  • Unplanned overtime; must have supervisor’s verification
  • Stranded at work because carpool or vanpool driver had to leave


Travel Guidelines

  • Your ERH vehicle can be used from your place of employment to your home or the location of your car (Such as a Park & Ride Lot) only. Intermediate stops are allowed if they relate to the emergency (Child’s school, day care, doctor, hospital).
  • Your ERH vehicle is not to be used for personal errands, pre-planned appointments, business-related travel, working late without supervisors request, pre-planned overtime, or non-emergency side trips.


ERH Voucher Terms & Conditions

  • You must have commuted by carpool, vanpool, bicycle or one of CATA’s Limited bus services the day that the voucher is used.
  • Fully completed vouchers may be used as direct payment up to the value printed on voucher for transportation with the listed vendor. We will not cover renters insurance or any extra coverage.
  • Fully completed vouchers may also be redeemed for payment up to the value printed on the voucher for transportation with other commercial vendors when mailed to CATA Clean Commute Options, along with a valid receipt from the transportation provider within 10 days of service.
  • Vouchers expire at the end of six month.
  • Vouchers are not transferable. Vouchers given to others for use is strictly prohibited and may result in loss of ERH privileges.
  • Conditions are subject to documentation and verification upon request.
  • Commuters do not qualify for ERH service until they have received their vouchers in the mail. Same day service is not permitted.  

How to Use Your Vouchers

The steps required to use your voucher differ based upon your preferred ERH travel mode. You may use an Enterprise Rent-A-Car, CATA service or a taxi provider of your choice.

Directions for Using Enterprise Rent-A-Car:

  1. Fill out the voucher with the appropriate information.
  2. Call 800-736-8222 and press “1” to be connected with the nearest Enterprise location.
  3. Tell them you are part of CATA’s Emergency Ride Home Program.
  4. Make a copy of the completed voucher to keep for your records. Present the original voucher at the time of rental.

Directions for Using CATA or another Transportation Service:

  1. Fill out the voucher with the appropriate information.
  2. Make a copy of the voucher for your records.
  3. Submit the original voucher and a valid transportation receipt within 10 days of service to: CATA Clean Commute Options, 4615 Tranter Street, Lansing, MI 48910


For additional questions or concerns regarding Emergency Ride Home use or qualifications, view the FAQ PDF or contact CATA’s Clean Commute Options Program