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Clean Commute Options

Simple Steps to Clean the Air

We know that getting in your own car and driving is often the easiest and quickest option, but you may not know that a small change in the choices we make can have a big impact. The Clean Commute Options Program strives to improve the Tri County region’s air quality by educating people about how their transportation behavior impacts the air we breathe and helping them to find cleaner commute modes.  We serve Michiganders traveling into and throughout the Tri County Region (Clinton, Eaton and Ingham Counties) with various services and events.

Free, Online Ride Matching

We offer a free ride matching website that allows you to find existing bus routes, carpools, vanpools and bike buddies that match your commute. Click on the green button to the right to explore the travel modes that fit your commute. If you like what you see and want to join a carpool or vanpool, go ahead and create a profile to access their contact information. With a profile you can also start tracking your clean commuting behavior, enroll in our emergency ride home program and participate in challenges to win prizes.

Why should you clean commute?

When you choose to ride the bus, walk, bike, carpool or vanpool you’re helping yourself and the environment.

Save moneyCommuters save money when they share their ride by splitting the cost of gas. If they leave their car behind and ride in a friend’s vehicle they’re also decreasing the amount of maintenance their car will need. Employers can save money with commercial tax benefits. Employers can allow employees to use pretax dollars to pay for transit passes, vanpool fares and parking. Learn about the program and how to become a “Best Workplace for Commuters” here

Less stressful commute – When you’re sharing the ride with friends or peers you’re able to share the “joys” of rush hour together.

More time to read, sleep, and study – When you’re not the driver, you’re free to spend your commute in any number of ways, including reading, watching videos on your tablet, and sleeping.

Improved health – If you bike or walk to work then you’re killing two birds with one stone: commuting and exercising!

CATA’s Emergency Ride Home Program – See more about this here.

Calculate the cost of driving alone to work every day, versus cleaner options such as biking or riding the bus.

Commute Cost Calculator