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Real-time next-bus info...when you want it. Immediate access to real-time departures at your fingertips. Want to know exactly when your bus departs?

CATA's Automatic Vehicle Location system uses GPS technology to track all bus locations to provide real-time data when you want it. With CATAnow, all you need is your bus stop number and a mobile device or computer.

You can find the next departure time for your stop online

Follow these three easy steps to access real-time departures from any of CATA's +1,300 bus stops.

Step 1: Obtain your bus stop number.

Check the CATAnow sign at each bus stop or shelter

- or -

Visit cata.org and click on locate a stop. Type in the name or street address of your location.

- or -

Refer to a print schedule to find stop numbers for major timepoints.

Step 2: Request departure times — via text, e-mail or web.

TEXT your bus stop number to 76123**.

- or -

EMAIL catanow@cata.org with your bus stop number in the subject line**.

- or -

GO TO cata.org and follow the link to Next Departures to enter your bus stop number or location.

Step 3: Receive real-time departures — up to 15 minutes before a bus is scheduled to depart.

Times preceded by @ are real-time projections. All other times are scheduled departures.

* Temporary bus stops that are in service during a detour are not assigned a bus stop number and therefore cannot be accessed through CATAnow.

** To request departures for a specific route, enter the bus stop number followed by the route number. Separate the two by a space or hyphen. Example: 1690 20 or 1690-20 to request departures from bus stop 1690 specifically for Route 20.
When requesting departures for Route 1–9, the route number must be preceded by a zero. Example: 1690 01 or 1690-01 to request departures from bus stop 1690 specifically for Route 1.

CATAnow is a free service. Standard SMS charges from your service provider may apply.