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At its April 19, 2017, meeting, the CATA Board of Directors resolved to suspend the Bus Rapid Transit (“BRT”) project until such time as CATA has reasonable assurances as to the availability of adequate federal funding to support the BRT and authorized the CEO/Executive Director, Sandy L. Draggoo, to take actions to suspend the project on such terms and conditions as she deems necessary and are approved by legal counsel.

Study Partners

The future of the Michigan/Grand River Corridor will be shaped by the cities, neighborhoods, businesses and institutions that are served by it. As the operator of transit services along Michigan/Grand River, CATA is working to build support for investment in the corridor. CATA has assembled a group of study partners to provide leadership and technical support.

CATA's study partners include the following:

CIty of Lansing
Lansing Township
City of East Lansing
Meridian Township
Michigan Department of Transportation
Lansing Economic Area Partnership, Inc.
Lansing Chamber of Commerce
Michigan State University
Tri-County Regional Planning

Oversight Committees

The study is being guided by a Steering Committee, and supported by a Technical Committee and team of consultants. The Steering Committee includes elected officials and organizational leaders. They will be responsible for making a recommendation about a Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA). The Technical Committee includes professional and technical staff. They will ensure that the study process is thorough and includes sound analysis. They will also make recommendations to the Steering Committee.

Steering Committee

Chad Gamble – City of Lansing
Virg Bernero – City of Lansing
Susan Pigg – Tri-County Regional Planning Commission
Kathy Rodgers – Lansing Township
Tim Daman – Lansing Chamber of Commerce
Sandy Draggoo – CATA
Bob Trezise – Lansing Economic Area Partnership, Inc. (LEAP)
Nathan Triplett – City of East Lansing
Elizabeth LeGoff – Meridian Township
Bill Latta – Michigan State University
Sharon Edgar – Michigan Department of Transportation

Technical Committee

Debra Alexander- CATA
Lori Mullins - City of East Lansing
Bob Johnson - City of Lansing
Bob Peterson - Ingham County Road Commission
Tim Daman - Lansing Chamber of Commerce
Joe Manzella - Lansing Economic Area Partnership, Inc.
Matt Brinkley - Lansing Township
Mark Kieselbach - Meridian Township
Paul Lott - Michigan Department of Transportation
Jeff Kacos - Michigan State University
Paul Hamilton - Tri-County Regional Planning
Stewart McKenzie - Federal Transit Administration
Rachael Tupica - Federal Highway Administration