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Welcome to Shaping the Avenue, an initiative to engage communities along Michigan and Grand River avenues (the Avenue) by putting land use and street design regulations in place that will guide the evolution of how buildings and streets will look in the future to support economic development, build upon community character, and improve comfort and safety for all modes of travel – cyclists, drivers, pedestrians and transit users.

The initial vision for the Avenue was developed through years of community meetings as part of The Capitol Corridor study (2014). The new regulations will incorporate transit-oriented development (TOD) principles into form-based codes (FBC), a style of zoning ordinance that offers more direction on how buildings and streets should look (their form), as opposed to conventional zoning which is primarily focused on the types of uses allowed on land.

Scroll down for our resources to learn more about TOD and FBCs.



Shaping the Avenue used form-based codes and transit-oriented development principles to translate the community’s vision into a set of guidelines for how building and streets would develop in the future. We’ve prepared a glossary of terms along with a list of suggested links that explains the technical terms we used throughout the project.