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What’s the Problem?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Categories: BRT

CATA needs to provide more capacity or room for more customers who travel along Michigan Avenue and Grand River Avenue, from the Capitol to Marsh Road. CATA could add capacity by adding more buses … but:

  • Adding more buses would cause more traffic problems. For example, when passenger vehicles don’t want to travel behind buses they make erratic lane changes to get into another lane;
  • Adding buses means that CATA would not help to improve mobility in all transportation modes; and
  • The proposed BRT would improve travel for all modes.

Why BRT?

Currently, CATA’s buses frequently interrupt smooth traffic flow as we strive to serve our customers. Removing buses from auto lanes eliminates these interruptions, and calms automobile traffic. Other advantages include:

  • Improved travel time for both automobile drivers and BRT customers;
  • Improved capacity for all transportation modes; and
  • Growth in population, housing and jobs.

Explore the public information page of this website pages for more information. You’ll find maps and articles as well as a video that demonstrates how intersections will work.

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