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Wait-Stop Trips For Spec-Tran Customers

Thursday, June 29, 2023

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CATA understands that life is full of unexpected stops and starts. That's why CATA introduced "wait-stop trips" for Spec-Tran riders in 2023. With this new program, riders are now able to make brief stops during their scheduled trips. Need to drop off or pick up a child from school or day care before heading to work? Want to grab groceries on your way back home? No problem. Wait-stop trips allow riders to seamlessly incorporate these stops while staying on the same Spec-Tran vehicle. It's all about providing flexibility and convenience.

CATA spec-tran bus driving on the road

Booking A Wait-Stop Trip:

To schedule a wait-stop trip on Spec-Tran, simply call CATA’s Paratransit Department at 517-394-2282 (CATA). Please note that same-day service is not available, and next-day ride requests must be received by 5 p.m.

Best Practices for a Successful Wait-Stop Trip:

To make the most of your wait-stop experience, CATA recommends the following:

🚀 Select the most efficient entrance or exit for a seamless experience.

📞 Make arrangements in advance, such as calling stores or restaurants to ensure items are ready for pickup.

🗣️ Inform establishments that you are using Spec-Tran and let them know about the limited wait time.

This content has been published in the 2023 Community Report.

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