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Important Notice On CATA Fare Increases In Delta Township

Monday, December 28, 2009

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Pat Gilbert

CATA will be implementing a new Zone Fare system on Saturday, January 2, 2010. This will raise fares for CATA customers who board fixed-route or Spec-Tran vehicles in most of Delta Township. For fixed-route customers, the new Zone 2 fares will be charged at bus stops west of Waverly Road on Route 3

The Spec-Tran Fare Zone 2 area varies somewhat from the fixed-route fare zone as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) extends regular (current) fares 3/4 of a mile from any point along fixed-routes. That means some Spec-Tran customers boarding in Delta Township will pay the current $2.50 fare and others will pay the higher Zone 2 $5.00 fare. The best way for Spec-Tran customers to confirm their fare is to contact a Spec-Tran representative at 517.394.CATA (2282), Monday-Sunday from 8AM to 5PM.

There are several Zone 2 fare payment elements that are important to note. Spec-Tran customers can use all the payment mediums they do now, but they will need to pay more ($5.00 per one-way trip, vs. the current $2.50 fare) in Zone 2. If they do use a Spec-Tran pass, it can be punched twice to pay the new fare. 

Fixed-route customers cannot use CATA tokens to pay when boarding at Zone 2 bus stops. And, while transfer tickets will be issued upon request when boarding in Zone 2, they cannot be used for payment when boarding in the Zone 2 area.  Transfers can only be used when boarding at a bus stop in Zone 1. Customers can use their current CATA fixed-route pass in Zone 2; however they will also need to use a CATACash card (change card) and/or additional cash to complete the higher Zone 2 fare payment.

CATA's new 5-Ride Zone 2 Cards are the easiest way to pay in Zone 2. Each dunk pays a full Zone 2 fare. The new cards are available for purchase online, at the CATA Transportation Center in downtown Lansing and at CATA's main office in south Lansing.

Download the Zone 2 Take One Card (pdf) for more details regarding the new zone area, fares and payment options.

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