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CATA Social Media Moderation Policy

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Categories: General

CATA reserves the right to moderate comments that contain attacks, hate speech, partisan discourse, information discredited by science, spam, ads, inaccurate or otherwise objectionable content or that violate Facebook's terms of service. Relevant, respectful discussion, questions and feedback are encouraged. We reserve the right to moderate posts that we deem to be offensive, defamatory or harmful to specific individuals or groups of individuals.

When engaging with CATA on social media you are subject to the Terms of Service of the host site. If you decide to comment or ask questions on social media, please keep in mind that CATA uses social media to engage with all members of the public. Thus, we will moderate discussions on social media to ensure that everyone who wants to comment feels welcome and is able to do so. CATA reserves the right to remove content and comments that contain:

  • Profane or obscene language or content;
  • Content that promotes or perpetuates discrimination against protected classes;
  • Content intended to sexually harass others;
  • Content that encourages or promotes illegal activity;
  • Spam or any content that links to external sites;
  • Solicitations of commerce or advertisements, which include promotion or endorsement of a product, service or individual;
  • Promotions of services, products or political candidates or organizations;
  • Content that violates the intellectual property interests of any third party (i.e., copyright or trademark infringement);
  • Content that includes sensitive personal identifying information, including but not limited to social security numbers, financial account numbers or driver’s license numbers. For your protection, never post sensitive personal identifying information on social media!
  • Information that may compromise the safety or security of the public, including public systems and infrastructure;
  • Information that may compromise the safety or security of CATA, including CATA employees;
  • Threats of violence;
  • Trolling or posting inflammatory, off-topic or inappropriate comments or content for the purpose of upsetting other users and provoking an emotional response or disrupting on-topic discussion.


  • Content posted by the public on CATA’s social media pages will not replace statutory, administrative or other requirements to provide CATA with required information. Failure to provide necessary information in the prescribed manner will not satisfy the requirement. If a CATA program, service or  requires you to provide information, posting it on social media will not satisfy this requirement.
  • CATA social media posts may include content or hypertext links to information created and maintained by other public or private sources. When viewing content or a link outside of the cata.org domain, users are subject to security and privacy policies of the host website.
  • CATA is not responsible for, nor can it control, content on or the design of third-party sites.
  • Comments and content posted by the public on CATA social media do not reflect the opinions or position of CATA.
  • CATA is not responsible for loss of sensitive personal identifying information that is voluntarily provided and posted by the public on CATA social media sites. It is each user’s responsibility to protect their sensitive information by not posting such information on social media sites designed to be viewed by members of the public.

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