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When winter weather conditions prevent CATA buses from safely traveling certain roads on this route, the route will be put on a snow route detour (see below). Snow route bus stops (indicated on the detour map below) will be served only when the detour is in effect.

To learn if this route is on a snow detour, visit the Snow Route Detour information page or the Rider Alerts section. You can also call 517.394.1000.

Snow Route Detour Map

Route 24 Snow Route Detour Map

Text Description of Snow Detour

Buses will not travel on Birch Row between Towar Ave and Hagadorn or on Hagadorn north of Lake Lansing Road. Buses en route to Meijer will travel Hagadorn to Lake Lansing Road, turn left and head west then north and follow Lake Lansing east to Meijer. Buses departing Meijer will head east on Lake Lansing Road and continue on Lake Lansing Road by turning right at Towar Ave and around to Hagadorn and resume regular service.

Snow detour bus stops are located on Lake Lansing Road at Hagadorn, Foxcroft, Porter and Towar.