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Riding CATA

  1. Buy online through secure CATA website.
  2. At the CATA Transportation Center (downtown Lansing).
  3. At the CATA Administrative Office (in south Lansing).
  4. At various locations throughout the area. View list of pass vendor locations.

CATA offers a variety of bus pass options for your convenience:

10-Ride Cards
Good for 10 one-way trips on all CATA fixed-routes. Riding with friends or family? This card can be used to pay for multiple fares.

  • Adult: $10.00
  • Student*: $6.00
  • Value**: $6.00

31-Day Passes
Unlimited rides on all CATA fixed-routes for 31 consecutive days, from the first day you use it, no matter when you buy it.

  • Adult: $35.00
  • Student*: $18.00
  • Value**: $18.00

Student Semester Passes
Unlimited rides on all fixed-route buses during a semester. Applies to students only.

  • Per Semester*: $50.00

MSU Commuter Lot Passes
Good only on Route 32 weekdays 7AM - 2AM for service between MSU Commuter Lot and central campus during the fall and spring semesters.

  • One Semester: $20.00
  • Both Semesters: $33.00

Punch Passes
Punch passes of varying amounts are available for Spec-Tran, Rural Service, Connector Service, and Redi-Ride.

  • Spec-Tran 4-Rides: $10.00
  • Spec-Tran 10-Rides: $25.00
  • Rural Service/Connector (10 one-way trips): Regular up to 10 miles: $22.50
  • Rural Service/Connector (10 one-way trips): Regular over 10 miles: $32.50
  • Rural Service/Connector (10 one-way trips): Discount up to 10 miles**: $10.00
  • Rural Service/Connector (10 one-way trips): Discount over 10 miles**: $15.00
  • Redi-Ride Regular: $10.00
  • Redi-Ride Discount**: $6.00

* With valid Student ID

** Value passes apply to Medicare cardholders, seniors age 62 and older with valid CATAClub card, and persons with disabilities with valid CATAClub or ADA card. Discount passes apply to all the above and to students with valid college or CATA Student ID card.

All passes are subject to service terms and are revocable by CATA. They are non-transferable and non-refundable. CATA is not responsible for lost or stolen passes.